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Friday, January 16, 2009

Nu-metal and Norn Irish metal

Staind have, often, been unfairly tagged as being nu-metal wannabes. Of course, being signed by Fred Durst and having the balding adolescent sing on a live track can't have helped...

This Sunday Staind are at Belfast's Mandella Hall promoting new CD, 'The Illusion of Progress'.

“For our new album, we went into the studio with the mindset of making our heaviest record yet,” said singer Aaron Lewis, “but the record that came out, with us writing in the studio, some of it has flavors of Pink Floyd and some has flavors of straight-up blues. We didn’t use the same rigs that we use onstage, we used all vintage shit, guitars and amps, and I’m pretty psyched about it. The songs are pretty timeless in their texture, whereas typical Staind isn’t, sonic wise, necessarily timeless.”

Support on Sunday comes from Sinnocence. As a self financed act, Sinocence have managed to maintain a uniquely musical life and achieve worldwide distribution with Casket/Co-Pro Records. In the words of the blurb:

"The band have garnered popularity in the underground, as well as whipping up a frenzy on the internet. Within the last twelve months, Sinocence have undertaken successful tours of the UK & Ireland, as well as playing their debut shows on mainland Europe."

For once the blurb is right....

Tickets for Sunday's gig are £23

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