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Monday, January 12, 2009

All hail Norn Iron

Per head of population Northern Ireland must be one of the most creative places on this forsaken ball of a planet in terms of hard rock and heavy metal.

And finally someone has noticed. Not only has HMV rated our very own The Answer as a top ten tip for 2009, but now the mainstream magzines have picked up on our tiny wee blast of creativity. Classic Rock's cover CD not only includes The Answer's Highwater or Hell from forthcoming Everyday Demons album, but also includes a track from Million$Reload (whose progress we've been following on this site for some time...). Inside the mag rates Million$Reload as potentially following The Answer's progress.

It seems that every once and a while journos notice our wee country.

Heaven (and Hell) help us if they ever really pay attention to what Norn Iron has been and is continuing to produce.

Asides from the aforementioned The Answer and Million$Reload let's recap...Gary Moore, SLF, The Undertones, Therapy?, Ash, Sweet Savage as just some names going for a wee while and among the latest crop...Gama Bomb, Soundstone, Residual Effect, A Little Bitter, Sinocence, Waylander, Sorrowfall, Escape Fails, Ricky Warwick, Payola, Fireland, Darkest Era, hell there really are too many to mention (and no doubt you'll let me know which ones I haven't mentioned)

The hard rock, punk and metal output from Northern Ireland has been too long denegrated, sometimes from within. Time to recognise and hail all that stand loud and proud for the cause and keep on keeping the faith when faced with apathy from within and from outside these shores!

(Although goodness only knows what the fuck will happen if half the bands get signed...Jager sales spiral in the six counties, PSNI called in to deal with outbreak of rampant egos, NI Human Rights Commission launches report on metal clubs discriminating against emos....)

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