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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Heaven and Hell for Download

Strong indications are that Heaven And Hell will play this year's Download Festival, which happens from June 12-14 at Donington. Rumours are the band - albeit Sabbath without the monicker - will be appearing on the first day.

The Dio, Iommi, Butler, Appice combination will be releasing a new album beforehand.


Anonymous said...

Every january, I suffer from pre-festival anxiety. I always get all worked up and freak out trying to decide what festival we'll go to this year.
I was hoping Download put on a stonker of a line up this year, cus I thought last year was grim.
Rock Am Ring headliners so far are Placebo, The Killers and Slipknot and the only one there that'd interest me is Slipknot. AARRGGGHHHHH, WHERE TO GO?

Anonymous said...

Go to Hellfest my good man!

Heaven & Hell, Manowar, Dream Theater. 70 bands already announced, another 70 to go!