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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Metallica rumour mill rolls on

The Metallica rumour mill rolls on, with rumours of a Knebworth date in July and an Irish date (north or south!) spreading on the lips of many a hopeful fan. Adding fuel to the fire was the following statement released on metallica.com

"As you probably noticed, there are a few open dates on the calendar this summer and we'll be filling them by visiting some of our favorite spots in Europe and hitting the annual music festivals."


Unknown said...

I live up on the North Coast. If the mighty Metallica do decide to come (and lets face it it's most likely going to be to Dublin) does anyone know of a tour company etc that runs coaches to concerts from Belfast etc.
Hope this actually comes off!!

Jonny said...

We all hope it comes off...the source for the Knebworth was Andy Copping of Download, when he was refuting 'Tallica for Download rumours saying they were playing Knebworth instead.
As to coach trips, there are usually two or three operators, although the most cost effective can be the Airbus from outside Jury's Hotel in Belfast which has a dozen return trips and is very reasonable.

Anonymous said...

I used a coach service last year when Metallica played Marlay Park.
They're run by a guy called John Quigley. If you google his name you'll find his services.

Unknown said...

Many thanks folks. First time using this site and appreciate your dencency in answering.
Have had a look and found details on Quigley so will keep in mind if things ever come to be with Metallica playing in Ireland this year.