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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NEWS: Discharge new album on its way

A FEW lucky souls caught Discharge's Belfast show recently. In the wake of the show we received this press release about their latest release. Full press release is below:
UK based crust legends Discharge announced their signing to Nuclear Blast late last year. After the release of their ‘New World Order’ EP, the time has come to unleash their new studio album (their Nuclear Blast debut) on an unsuspecting world.

It is titled ‘End Of Days’ and will be released on April 29th.

Discharge commented:
"So here it is the ‘End Of Days’... 15 brand-new tracks. The first day we entered the studio we kept hearing all over the media that there was a blood moon that night, and certain religious groups were reporting that it was the ‘End Of Days’. It seemed a natural title for the album given the lyrical content of the songs and the state of the world today, so it stuck with us. Regression has been the basis of this album, opposed to 'progression’. We really cut it down to basics on this one, quite a few songs under two minutes long... we're all really pleased with it. Play loud!"
You can pre-order ‘End Of Days’ here:

‘End Of Days’ CD & Vinyl with signed insert.
’End Of Days’ Limited Edition White Vinyl & Exclusive CD/T-Shirt bundle.

The album tracklistings are as follows:

01. New World Order
02. Raped And Pillaged
03. End Of Days
04. The Broken Law
05. False Flag Entertainment
06. Meet Your Maker
07. Hatebomb
08. It Can’t Happen Here
09. Infected
10. Killing Yourself To Live
11. Looking At Pictures Of Genocide
12. Hung Drawn And Quartered
13. Population Control
14. The Terror Alert
15. Accessories By Molotov (Part 2)
Side A
01. New World Order
02. Raped And Pillaged
03. End Of Days
04. The Broken Law
05. False Flag Entertainment
06. Meet Your Maker
07. Hatebomb
08. It Can’t Happen Here
Side B
01. Infected
02. Killing Yourself To Live
03. Looking At Pictures Of Genocide
04. Hung Drawn And Quartered
05. Population Control
06. The Terror Alert
07. Accessories By Molotov (Part 2)

You can watch the 'NWO' official video

You can see Discharge live at the following UK shows:
(inc. ticket links)

1st April London, T.Chances
15th April Liverpool, The Magnet
16th April Birmingham, Rainbow
23rd July Coventry, The Arches
4th August Blackpool, Rebellion Festival
22nd October Cardiff, The Moon

Discharge are a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977. The band is characterised by a minimalistic approach to music and lyrics. A heavy, distorted and grinding guitar-driven sound and raw, shouted vocals, with lyrics on anarchistic and pacifistic themes.

The band's 1982 debut album, ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’, went to number two in the UK Indie Charts and number 40 in the UK Album Charts. In the early 1980s, numerous Discharge singles and EPs landed in the top 10 of the UK Indie Charts, including the 1981 EP ‘Why?’ and the 1982 single 'State Violence State Control'.
‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’ paved the way for thrash metal, black metal, crust punk, grindcore and various extreme metal subgenres. The musical genre of d-beat is named after Discharge and their distinctive drumbeat.

Discharge are:
Jeff Janiak (JJ) - Vocals
Tony Roberts (Bones) - Lead Guitar
Terry Roberts (Tezz) - Rhythm Guitar
Roy Wainwright (Rainy) - Bass
Dave Bridgewood - Drums
Discharge Links:


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