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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Acid Age axeman exercises his right to shred

THERE must come a time in every guitarists life as a six-string axe slinger that they need to get the shit out of their system, step away from their band for a brief time and indulge in total guitar wankery.

Yet few take that opportunity...Not so Acid Age's Jude Milk, who has recently released his solo effort 'Kithara'.

While many could see this as a self-indulgent act, what is clear from a couple of listens this is an accomplished instrumental mini-album, with a diverse range of techniques, many far removed from the Acid Age punk/thrash attack.

'Fields of Sweep' and 'Judgement Day' are by far two of the better arrangements amidst riffs and solo techniques, with a heady repetition of a complex riff on the latter well mastered.

The acoustic 'Upon These Mysteries' perhaps the most derivative sounding it nonetheless showcases Jude's confident playing. Making those runs along an acoustic fretboard is no easy task.

Closer 'Krimzon Kingdom' has elements closes to the Acid Age sound and doffs a cap on opening to certain Metallica instrumentals before quickly establishing its own sound and structure, with a nice Spanish sounding acoustic breakdown.

This release is an enjoyable listen for anyone who really enjoys their guitar sounds; however, we wonder would there not be a validity to including some of these tracks in the next Acid Age release. It would certainly challenge listeners.

What is clear is that Jude has put on display his full-on passion for guitar - and that is no bad thing on this good solid release.

Review by Jonny

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