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Monday, October 12, 2015

INTERVIEW: Catching up with Skalmold...

WITH news that Skalmold are about to head back into the studio, and having hit the festival stages in Scandanavia we thought now was as good time to reprise an earlier interview with Þráinn.

And, after seeing them in Belfast and at Hammerfest the obvious first question was:
How do you keep that intensity up night after night?

Þráinn: It´s not difficult to tell you the truth. Even when I´m dead tired I always find it easy to lock in with the other guys onstage and everything else is forgotten. When you start playing onstage the world changes, everything changes. It´s the best feeling in the world, playing your own music to people with your best friends ... I enjoy it a lot, love it ...

Despite singing entirely in Icelandic, have you ever thought about handing out translations to English speaking audiences?

Þráinn: No. hahahaha ... we have translations available online and in the booklets with our cd´s ... it would be cool though ... to hand out a brochure to every guest at a concert ... yeah ... I´ll work on that! ;)

Icelandic and Norse mythology are, of course, key to the band. Has the revival of these myths been powered by the many bands

Þráinn: We grew up with these wonderful stories. By bringing them to life again with new music is something we are proud of and it´s important to bring the stories back to life for the people of today. If you dont teach the younger ones and remind the older of the magnificent sagas ... they will be forgotten, you know what I mean? You can't blame young people for not knowing about something if you never teach them about it ... "oh, the kids today ... they know nothing ..." - well then fucking teach them instead of whining!

What do you think festivals can do for a band’s exposure, when there are so many other acts to see?

Þráinn: When you go to a festival, you, as a fan of music want to see something you´ve never seen before. A lot of people still talk to me about Wacken 2011, our first Metal festival show. They had no idea about Skálmöld but have seen us every tour since ... so playing festivals is important for exposure.

With the autumn/winter festivals already underway and planning for 2016 festival have you any festival survival tips?
Þráinn: Drink water ... a lot of water AND be sensible in whatever you decide to do. You are your own guardian, if you behave like an asshole, people will treat you as such. Be proud of your self and your family be it your parents or family in Metal, stay true!!!

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