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Sunday, October 11, 2015

COMPETITION: Win tickets to see The Prodigy and Public Enemy in Belfast

FOR goodness sake we are generous to you lot here at Belfastmetalheadsreunited and RockRadioNI. Really, really generous! We've teamed up with those superb people at MCD to offer you the chance to win two pairs of tickets to see The Prodigy.

And, if that wasn't enough The Prodigy are backed by Public Enemy for their December 1st date at the SSE Arena.

Yep - two pairs of tickets for a band that straddles so many genres but are bracketed by lazy journalists as Electronic Dance Music. Ha, ha, ha! The Prodigy are more than a bunch of samples and turntable twiddling.

Anyone expecting an EDM sell-out for album number six obviously doesn’t understand The Prodigy’s oppositional ideology. The Day is My Enemy finds the band pushing at the edges of expectation with the unbridled fervor of a bunch of teenage car thieves hot wiring the fastest motor they can find.
 "The Prodigy right, we’re proud of our roots and we cannot be lumped in with the f**kin’ formula dance music by numbers crew," Liam Holett said. "They’re the f**kin’ jokers that stop this music getting taken seriously. Skits on Saturday night live takin’ the piss? That’s where it’s ended up…  That’s not what electronic music is about.

"The lazy DJ’s, they have to be exposed. I’ve gone out of my way on this album to not have any of those things that people attach to dance music now… there’s no f**king typical snare builds or that bollocks."

"I’m coming out firing on this record."
Now if you want to win one of the pair of tickets we've set you a question...yes a real question!

To win a pair of tickets answer this question: Name Keith Flint's motorcycle team?

Send you answers here before midnight on 24th October. Good luck! Usual terms and conditions apply -  i.e. if you are not in you can't win and buy a pair of tickets anyway, so if you win you can be a hero to your mates!



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