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Thursday, October 22, 2015

COMIN' ATCHA: Four feardome, mad, loud days of rock and metal

RIGHT rockers, ready yourselves because over the next four days your lugholes are gonna get a battering, your necks will be snapped and when Monday 26th October rolls around you'll be heading into work for a rest.

Starting tonight (Thursday, October 22nd) legendary - and yes he really is a rock legend - Glenn Hughes is at Limelight 1. The man who lent bass lines and vocals to Deep Purple, Sabs and a host of super groups will be on a Belfast stage with axe man Doug Aldrich and on the sticks is Pontus Snibb.

Then on Friday it's another feast, when NWOBHM legends Raven appear at Limelight2, with support from local noisenicks Rabid Bitch of the North. Then you have a choice of heading to see tribute act 101% Pantera with support from Donum Dei and Cursed Sun in Voodoo or stay in the Limelight complex for country rocker Steve Earle.

Saturday (October 24th) sees Screaming Eagles, Gasoline Outlaws and Baleful Creed in Limelight2. After that it is a quick race round to the Voodoo for cross over madness with English Dogs, By Any Means and Acid Age.

And all of that was just to get your pulse racing before the utter destruction of every ounce of your being when Deathcrusher 2015 decimates Limelight1. Yep, five acts that will mash your very soul.

Carcass, Napalm Death, Obituary, VoiVod and Herod...five acts to round up four days of rock and metal that proves, once and for all that there is a scene that is not for scenesters, hipsters or floppy fringed wannabes; it's a scene where rockers and metalheads rejoice in glorious insanity...well as Suicidal Tendencies said "Pledge Your Allegiance".

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