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Sunday, August 03, 2014

LIVE REVIEW: War, doom and thrash - Limelight caught in headlights by Wardomized, Owlcrusher and Scimitar

SATURDAY evening at Limelight2. RockD in the Limelight2. Beautiful noise in the Limelight2. All the ingredients for another fantastic metal presentation from James Loveday's Distortion Project as Wardomized, Owlcrusher and Scimitar took the stage.

Scimitar took over headlining duties as a result of illness forcing Bakken to withdraw. While they were missed by all, it was nevertheless a diverse, and highly entertaining triple dose of different forms of metal on Saturday (August 2nd)

Opening up the noise attack were Wardomized, a four-piece with a fearsome thrash, punk and hardcore mix to their sound. What them young 'uns call 'crossover'

Wardomized...and a squid atop
With Luke (drums) and Josh (bass) the rhythm section was nailed on solid, but for the first few songs the guitar tone was very thin, with Eddie struggling with what seemed to be problems with his monitor and amp settings. It was only when 'Degenerate' came along did the pace pick up.

Eddie singing....
The more punky sound towards the end of the set complimented the overall effect of Wardomized, with singer Steve switching to guitar and Eddie taking over lead vocal duties. While enjoyable enough they need to refine their take on crossover thrash and perhaps think about a second guitarist to add another layer on the furious riffing.

Steve delivering ground
shaking bass
Fast, furious riffing is not something Owlcrusher have ever indulged in. Nope, it's more a case of slooooowww it right down, get the bottom end dropped through the floor and deliver a set that had many hidden layers within the doom, sludge wall of noise.

Damien produced deceptively straight drumming with in particular clever use of the cymbals as the only 'bright noise' against the wall of deathly racket.

Andrew - shouldn't have
been pissed off
Andrew's straight forward guitar gave way on occasion to intricacies amidst the sludge, while Steve's bass rumbled with ground shaking effect.

Comprising a couple of songs in their half hour set Andrew seemed pissed off as he left the stage, throwing his guitar down and declaring, "that was shit". Perhaps an overly critical slant to take in a set that clearly kept the doom fans in the venue happy.

Taking the stage on their second headliner for The Distortion Project's RockD Scimitar have obviously benefited from the experience of supporting Arnocorps the previous week

Launching into the set with the eponymous 'Scimitar' John's guitar work scythed, well like a scimitar made of Damascus Steel and honed to a deadly edge.

With one ep already behind them and work underway for their second release the pure thrash of the band is clear. Ryan (drums) and Chriz (bass) have grown as a powerhouse duo, driving the sound ever onward, notably on closer 'Beaten To Death' and 'We All Shall Burn'.
Ryan enjoying the thrash

Jonny's vocals are now complimented with better stagecraft and presence behind the mic.

It is always hard for bands to adapt their own take on thrash - do you  go down the more punky route, opt for the straightforward 'classic' thrash of the 80s, or do you develop a take that incorporate all that, as well as more contemporary thrash sound that has evolved throughout the first decade of this century.

Scything from John
Scimitar have worked hard on developing their own sound, especially notable on 'Innocent X' and 'Act of War' - the latter the title track on their first ep getting better as the band wrestle out tiny shifts from the original to make it a more lethal track.

Overall a band growing every time they take the stage, heading a show that many more could honestly enjoy. What better way to relax on a Saturday that get smashed to thrash and drink with doom.
Review by Jonny
Photographs courtesy of Metalplanet
Alcohol courtesy of Limelight

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