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Friday, September 06, 2013

The Lords of awesomeness have decreeed there be a thread of metal glory from Gacy's.

RIGHT you lot - pin back yer lugholes, strap in your wibbly bits and get ready for some awesomeness, for the lords of heaviness are unleashing their hardcore power...

When you have recovered from tonight's Voodoo bash with Asatralnaut, Altus, Bad Boat and Crazy Fuzz you will need some rest and recuperation.

For on Saturday afternoon there shall be a rumble of extreme noise eminating along Ormeau Avenue,

It's source? Limelight2. The reason? The launch of the Gacy Threads split 7". A collaboration with Swiss act Collossus Fall the four-tracker is available as a limited edition yellow vinyl with a download code.

Joining Gacy's Threads in this celebratory event of noise are Five Will Die, Lantern Gale and Tusks.

Presenting this is The Distortion Project. The event kicks off at 5pm. Door tax is extremely good value at £5. And with Jimmy Eat World playing an early show we will have two of the staff team deployed along Ormeau Avenue to generally enjoy the evening in the guise of reviewing it...

Review of the Split 7 to follow.

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