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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Ouch! This hurts so good

THERE are times when metal hurts so good it is really enjoyable - such is the case for the Gacey's Threads split 7" with Swiss noisenicks Colossus Fall. This is hardcore metal as it was meant to be, screams, tortured guitars and a feeling you need one more listen to get it.

Stable fixtures of the local scene, Gacey's Threads this sees the Threads wear their torn hearts, bleeding on their ripped sleeves, pounding with agonised promise of a pummelling lest you relax at any time.

These two tracks - Plague Wielder and Salvation - translate on this release as a terror-inflicted torrent of noise, underpinned by a coherent creativity that is captured in the creature-like caterwauling of a crippled animal in a trap that you dare not approach lest you lose a limb.

Johnny and Currie drive the tunes forth, freeing Aaron and Blane to roam like rabid hardcore representatives of the radicalised populace.

Don't take a breather, because should you do Colossus Fall are on the flip side to lay down a wall of volume, with a slightly different take on the hardcore ethic.

Forget your picture postcard image of Alps, Lederhosen and yodeling, because these sound like five very angry young men, aggrieved by the dystopian world crowding on the borders of Switzerland...

Their two tracks equal Gacy's Threads passion and with another listen tend towards a slightly more proggy take on hardcore.

Overall this ambitious collaboration is a brave step for Savour Your Scene and their collaborators. Available as a (very) limited edition 7" yellow vinyl and streamed tracks this is one of those examples when DIY doesn't mean some twat on TV talking house re-decorating. Instead it means taking your soul and laying it bare for all to see and challenging anyone to tread towards the darkness you reveal.

The Belfast launch of this Split 7" takes place today (September 7th) at Limelight2.
You can purchase the 7" at the launch or visit Savour Your Scene records online.


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