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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Win tickets to see Duff McKagan's Loaded

HAVE you got your tickets for Duff McKagan's Loaded's gig on November 2nd at the Spring and Airbrake? If not, why not?

Duff is a true bona fide legend with Guns 'n' Fuckin' Roses and Velvet Revolver. What does this man of many talents, but minus a pancreas, need to tour for, much less than troop along for another appearance in Belfast.

Well, we should be thankful that he is again heading our way on 2nd November. And, if you haven't got your tickets yet then you might be in with a chance of winning a pair, right here right now (okay, not right now, after the closing date!)

In partnership with CDC and those fine men and women of the Airbrake, Limelight etc we are offering as a prize one pair of tickets to have your arse blown away by Duff and his compatriots in Loaded.

To win these tickets you'll have to answer this exceedingly difficult question:

"Name one of the bands Duff McKagan played in before Loaded?"

I know it's difficult and younger viewers may have to look up Wikipedia, but email your answers by Monday 24th October to see if you've won.


Usemeplz said...

I think that there will be thousands of wright answers. And what you gonna do after getting so many letters?

Jonny said...

Question may be one thing, but peeps still need to email to be entered for the draw!

Anonymous said...

Just to bring an alternative view mate...in answer to your question above...cos he's a talentless over rated fucker, like everyone else who was in G n R....jst my opinion. Loads of artists with loads more talent who never get a break whilst shit like this rides on the back of a has been bands name...rant over lol, but GnR make my fuckin blood boil


Jonny said...

Appreciate your comments mate, but as you know Duff was excellent with Slash in Velvet Revolver (you were there at the Odyssey) and having seen Loaded live Duff is truer to rock 'n' roll and hard rocking than many so-called musos. Slash is collaborating with anyone who hunts down his manager, Axl is a bigger ego than anyone thought possible and the rest of G'n'R have either disappeared to nowhere, or like Adler, living on past glories. Appetite was a ground-shaking album, but Use Your Illusion could have done with someone saying,"two albums? Wise up and edit!" But to relevant matters, Duff McKagan seems, to me anyway, to remain true to the hard rock spirit. After all, with his squillions and financial columns he doesn't need to play backwaters like Belfast, yet he still does...maybe he likes his work.