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Saturday, June 18, 2011

In a band? Then pay close attention

THERE is a reason why they call it show business. You put on a show/release music/sell merch and it's a business with a show attached. Yeah, we'd all like to believe that the world will stand-up and acclaim our greatness, but it ain't always going to be that way.

And, when it comes to encouraging cynical journos and jaded website radio hosts to carry your tracks just plain waffling, or "here's our song and we're brilliant" will not get our ears turning your direction.

For a variety of reasons I am copied into the submissions to the wonderful Rock Radio NI. To be honest, most of the acts who send tracks etc need a good kick up the arse, but as an atheist, pascifist (except in a pit!) here's some helpful hints for what I will listen to, and what you need to do to catch attention [and, with several years as a full-time journo, 14 years as an award-winning PRO I actually do know what I am talking about - well when I am sober I do].

First of all - the title of this blog includes the word "Belfast" therefore if you are not from Northern Ireland you better have a damn good reason to send tracks that you hope to be reviewed by my or included on Rock Radio NI.

Next, include in any covering email some clear, listed information. As I am a nice person [a.k.a. Maker's Mark bourbon glass #5 tonight making me nicer by the hour] here is a suggested way to present that basic information:
  • Name of band
  • Name of Song
  • Is it from an EP, Album or a one off?
  • Brief profile of band
  • Name of band members
  • Picture (if you have one)
  • Album/EP/Single artwork
  • Web address(es)
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Gigs played/upcoming gigs

If you are serious about your music this sort of information will be a breeze to pull together. The moment it becomes a pain in the arse put your gear on eBay and join me in the pit!

If yout want more advice and you're committed to your hard rock/heavy metal drop me an email.

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