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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daft Leopards in Belshaft

HAT tip for the Blabbermouth spot by Seatzie of a Def Leppard video of the Lepps soundcheck in Belfast.

You can view the vid here and decide for yourselves whether this is destined for release or inclusion in DVD?

Personally I fell out of love with the Lepps a long time ago given Mr Elliott and Mr Campbell's comments about metal - which conveniently forgot who put them on the road to Mutt Lange inspired mega bucks - hell I preferred the late lamented Deft Leppard.

But this video of Animal represents a song from a band that I still loved and that has consistently failed to live up to that promise - and if you disagree, fair enough, but remember everyone might have an opinion, but everyone has an arse too: it's spotting the difference that counts :)

And my opinion is that this is a damn good rendition of Animal!

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