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Monday, June 13, 2011

Awarding the very best of Norn Iron's rock and metal

IN November a small-time production crew going by the name of MTV will be dragging their preening princes and princess of pop-tastic stupidity over to Belfast for the MTV Europe Music Video Awards

Now forget that stupidity and put the really important date in November in your diary.

November 5th - and the BELFAST ROCK AND METAL AWARDS at The Empire Music Hall.

To quote event organiser Mark Ashby: "For too long, the wonderful rock scene that we all love has been overlooked by the mainstream media, so we're going to get our own back and shove it right in their faces.

"This is the first awards ceremony dedicated solely and exclusively to the rock and metal scene right here in Norn Iron."

The first set of categories include:
  • Best Band
  • Best Live Show
  • Best Visiting Band
  • Best Marketing Campaign and
  • The Gary Moore Inspiration Award

 As if that wasn't enough, playing on the night will be:
  • Sweet Savage
  • Trucker Diablo
  • Triggerman and
  • Last Known Addiction
 Are we excited? Hell Yeah!

More detail soon...


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