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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Volbeat to support 'Tallica

Seems that Danish act Volbeat are to support Metallica at the Odyssey on 11th and 12th May.

Described by that venerable organ Metal Hammer as Danish Rockabilly rockers...well everything has to have a label...they're a humorous bunch, which might serve to lossen up us old metalheads before the intensity of 'Tallica!

The source of the story is the Odyssey Arena's Twitter feed, re-posted by Metal Hammer. Hat tip to Redskull for the Facebook tip off.


Wayne said...

What an absolute shame. I really really don't enjoy the sort of stuff volbeat does. It sounds like 80's love songs, just metal'd up. Not my bag at all.
Still really looking forward to seeing Metallica.

Matt said...

I'd much rather have seen Goirja, or however their name is spelt, because Volbeat are just a wee bit too out there for me to enjoy. Maybe I'll grow into them as I get more familiar with the songs, but it's not likely.

But as Wayne said, at least we get 2 hours+ of Metallica. :D

eoin said...

brillant news, i love volbeat, cant wait to see them

gjb80 said...

I hadnt heard of them before this announcement so i checked them out, seems their a bit like marmite, love them or hate them! At the min i actually love them, a refreshing change to all the other stuff thats out there at the min! well for me anyway!!