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Monday, November 30, 2009

Metallica set for Belfast!

May 11th, Odyssey Arena - METALLICA

Tickets 49 notes and rumours are that if it sells out there is the capacity for a second date


Anonymous said...

Any news on the supporting acts?

Wayne Donaldson said...

I def def def def want to go this. Last time I went to see Metallica I was very foolish and overindulged and missed the entire gig.
But i don't get paid until the 18th. I hope it doesn't sell out!

Wrathy said...

Got my mum to join the Metclub so I'd get my pre-order tickets. :D

Here's hoping for the second date! And maybe one in Dublin, too! :D

Jonny said...

No news on support as yet. This will probably take place once the entire Europe tour package has been agreed. Early news is that pre-order is going well and depending on sales in first week decision will be made on 2nd date.

Wayne Donaldson said...

1st date (standing) sold out, booked for second date.

Anonymous said...

My mates just booked and received 12 VIP Executive Box tickets for friends and family ,were gonna do this one in style

\,,/ Redskull \,,/