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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Booking agents and Deep Purple

The rumours, innuendo and supposition about Deep Purple's much talked about Northern Ireland gig has been flying about. To recap: the Daily Mirror had a story on the fly (info also on here from a 'source' that same day); Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alice in Chains were also reputed to be on the bill. It was allegedly to be at Portstewart Strand or an outdoor venue close to, or in Belfast.

Since then DP have confirmed the 30th June date at The Marquee in Cork, which is usually a one-date in Ireland affair (Slayer, The Who etc in previous years).

At the same time rumours have appeared on posts that the DP bill was to have Journey and Europe included.

Promoters have been (totally understandably) tight-lipped about whether these were just the usual wish-fulfilment on the part of fans. Such wish fulfilment has so far seen 36,000 unique visitors drop in on the posts here on the rumours.

All was much as it seemed - we live in hope, expect the worst and hope for the best gigs here on the isolated limb of western Europe. And, on consideration, we thought that the booking fees for bringing DP etc would put the gig out of the real world of gig economics.

And then we received an email from a booking agent in the US wanting to know why this, 'otherwise credible' site was running this information before an official announcement could be made.

Which left us in one part elated (as in it could happen) and in an other feeling concerned that they were 'not in a position' to 'confirm any further dates at this time' (as in it may not happen).

We make no bones about it - we've been wrong in the past (very few times mind you!) - but we all would love to see this line-up (DP, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice in Chains  - plus latest rumours Journey and Europe play here [Satyricon too \m/] ) but, there are economic barriers.

The main one is making sure that the crowd is between 5,000 and 10,000 whereever it is staged. If The Marquee in Cork and a Northern Ireland date were in the same month a solid support line-up would make sure DP attracted enough numbers...get the right venue too and the DP hard rock behemoth might hit a town near you :)

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