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Friday, November 06, 2009

Deep Purple summer date....

WITH confirmation that Deep Purple will be playing the Marquee in Cork on June 30th coming today, news as to whether the Northern Ireland date trailed in the Daily Mirror a couple of weeks ago will actually happen is expected over next few days. There are still plenty of unfilled slots in the tour calendar with only a couple of dates in Russia confirmed in May prior to the Cork gig.

If it does happen it will be an outdoor date, much like the summer Quo gig at Carrick Castle, only on a larger scale. For those who may not have seen the Daily Mirror story or the reports here, it is being put out there that DP may be putting in appearance at either Portstewart Strand or an outdoor venue close to/in Belfast with Lynyrd Skynrd and Alice in Chains.

We can only but wait...fingers crossed etc. As soon as confirmation arrives I'll post here.


Unknown said...

Best site on the net - please let this gig happen in the north

Jonny said...

Fingers crossed! The associated rumours have been getting out of hand, though, if as suggested on at least two other sites that Journey and Europe are on the bill it would be mental!