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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ya gotta wonder...

Ironing school shirts tonight for junior members of metalheadsreunited (a.k.a. the children) and a shirt for work tomorrow the hard crashing sound of responibility was almost drowning out the Anthrax album....on Sunday night caring duties were holding me back from Black Stone Cherry; that damnable sound of responsibility once again coursing unwelcome through eardrums that only wanted to listen to BSC pounding out Lonely Train.

When did I sign the form marked 'Responsible Adult'? I don't remember putting my scrawl on the dotted line, but I must have...probably around the time that the doctor said 'Diabetes Type 2....drink will do that!'

And for missing BSC I received some justifiable criticism from Sylv for not so long ago having a pop at those that don't turn out to gigs...

With that consideration in mind it is with some trepidation that I outline some coming gigs...I won't be able to get to them all, but I will manage at least one or two (and Amon Amarth will definitely be one of those!).

First up is Trouble...doom rockers with a Christian/spiritual bent. Presented by James and the Distortion Project, afficianados could do worse than turn up to the Ormeau Road on Thursday night.

On Saturday (17th) the Fool Fighters take on the Spring and Airbrake with their entertaining take on Dave Grohl's act...which unfortunately clashes with the SO:NI night at the Pavillion with Trucker Diablo/Nasa Assassin/Black Freeway/Sister Marko.

Then...things get a wee bit madder. On the 23rd the aforementioned Amon Amarth join with Entombed (Evile are off the set owing to the previously mentioned tragedy) to slay all in their path and pillage in a manner that Belfast hasn't seen since longships last sailed up the Lagan.

The next night things get a wee bit tricky. I am working that Saturday. I will be presenting my respectable self at a party political conference...suited and booted, being professional and schmoozing with politicos. How the hell am I going to get changed from the suit and into party mode while trying to decide between Sorrowfall's return to the Limer and Isis at the Black Box?

And for a bit of fun the following week there's a veritable horde of metal at the Rosie on Hallowe'en night and Hotter than Hell at The Empire (anyone willing to spend the time adding the 'Gene' make-up to me ugly mug?)

Ahh to hell with this...need a serious re-think of career direction...can someone fork out for mortgage payments so I can become full-time metal hack? Anyone?

Til then work beckons with its skeletal hand...

Any other gigs I should mention in the meantime?


Wayne said...

"When did I sign the form marked 'Responsible Adult'?"

When you chose to have children. :0)

Jonny said...

LOL! Of course I could reply with the lyrics of Wednesday 13's Buried with Children...but truth be told have indoctrinated the children on the true path of rock and metal, from whence they will spread the word virally til the world is conquered to the sound of overdriven amps....mmwwhahahah!