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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alice in Chains for Portstewart?

TODAY'S Daily Mirror (NI Edition) claims that Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alice in Chains are being lined up for a rock gods concert next year. Among the touted venues is Portstewart Strand.

Purple and Skynyrd toured together six years ago, and Alice in Chains first record since the death of Layne Staley has received much critical acclaim.

There have been at least two abortive attempts to bring Purple to NI over the past couple of years. The full story of which may come out in due course, but a DP appearance is long overdue, and has to happen before they become incapable of touring ever again.

Despite all of Ian Gillan's flaws (ask Ritchie Blackmore) his solo work pre and post the magnificent Bernie Tormé years) were the door into hard rock for me in the early 80s, so if this comes to pass it will be suitable to raise a glass to Gillan by the seaside!

No official word yet, but hopefully an announcement will come in due course!


T'is I said...

There will be NO girlie jim jam night planned for this gig.

Jonny said...

If it's at Portstewart Strand I'll find the nearest camp site so it would not interfere with any 'jim jam' post-gig girliness

'Tis I said...

Done deal J...

Unknown said...

Hope it comes off!!