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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why the court said long hair had to go...

Regular readers will remember the case of the pupils at County Antrim's Ballyclare High School who refused to have their hair cut, in contravention of the then shool policy.

The presiding judge in the Judicial Reiew - Jutice Weatherup has now made his judgement available online. In it he outlines his reason for saying the school policy was legal, the punishment was wrong and why the school council should be involved in revised uniform/appearance policy.

Hopefully the pupils concerned will be allowed to continue to complete their GCSE examinations and they can then fuck off to somewhere that respects their abilities rather than some 19th Century rose-tinted version of reality.

Should you be an insominiac you can read Justice Weatherup's judgement here.


aceley.com said...

took a scan through the link

think no matter what the outcome, it just makes that particular school look so narrow minded

damn shame in the end :(

Jonny said...

damn right...though we can all hope that eventually these institutions rooted in Victorian times can realise in the fullness of time that it's the 21st Century! Still at least the judge did acknowledge the roll of the pupils by saying the school council should have a say in the uniform policy...just hope school has the balls to listen...and that Grant and his co-defendants are allowed to sit their GCSEs before heading off to an institution that prefers ability over clone like looks...