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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Rumour Mill continues

Ever hopeful metalheads have been stoking the rumour mill...ahh sure if all the bands we want to see were to sign up for Belfast dates we'd all be broke and going to gigs sober!

This week's instalment sees rumours abound over Dio...that the great-grandaddy of metal announced two UK May dates last month has seen speculation mount that Ronnie will return to Belfast. Well we can wish, but no signs just yet.

The 'Tallica rumour mill still continues with the Gods playing every hole in the hedge across Ireland according to some....again no signs!

But the ponces that book gigs for middle-class wine tipplers have managed to book The Police to play Stormont...they join Pavarotti, Eagles Rod Stewart in playing the grounds of Stormont. Methinks that despite the many thousands of hard rock and heavy metal fans in Northern Ireland we'll neve see a serious hard rock/metal act play Stormont. But then again, if you were a groundskeeper at Stormont would you let us go there?

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