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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Damn this!

Damn this being less than 100% fit and healthy! Regular readers will know that I've been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2. Little did I know that as a result I'd miss a gig that I'd really being looking forward to!Without going in to too much detail I was 'not well' and didn't make it to see one of my rock idols, Fish.

Friends like Juno and Baal were there - worse still I left my phone in work so couldn't even apologise for not worshipping at the altar of the Mighty Scot!

From henceforth I decree that even if 'they' strap me to a hospital bed I'll not miss a gig that I want to see...blood pressure, well The Clash sang about Pressure Drop; heart fucked...well Nirvana sang about Heart Shaped Box; and even if yer privates are bleeding and you may need a leg or two amptated...

Moshing and stagediving might be a problem if short a limb or two, but what the hell!

Sorry to all for not being tere, and apologies to Fish...I briefly had the pleasure of meeting you in 1985 (Marillion, Maysfield Leisure Centre, hello Kyle!) and your music's impact has only been matched by Metallica, Sabbath, Maiden, Anthrax and Machine Head. For a prog rocker/folk rocker to stand on such equal terms for a wrinkly, diabetic such as I reveals the regard I have for you!

Again to all I hoped to be there with..sorry.

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