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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Metal Year to one and all

Well 2006 has dawned and a Happy New Metal Year to one and all. Good luck to M&S as they head down to the Lizzy vibe to start proceedings off!

Here's hoping 2006 turns into a fine example of moshing fun for all. Of course this is a time when predictions run rife for the next 'big' thing, so here are mine (of course plagiarised from the pages of Kerrang, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer):
  • Metallica will return with a storming new album including solos!;
  • Iron Maiden will be re-confirmed as the 'Daddy's' of metal with their new platter;
  • Power Metal will return in loin clothes and bad hair thanks to Dragonforce;
  • There'll be a resugence of interest in classics such as Lizzy, UFO amongst many others;
  • I'll finally finish off a novel and be offered exclusive columns in Kerrang, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer;
  • Beer will be drunk;
  • Trivium will get ever bigger;
  • Mastodon and Bullet for My Valentine will produce boy band style singles with multiple part harmonies....

Ok, that's enough - suffice to say, keep the metal flag flying, the mosh pit swirling and in the words of Lord Het - Bang that Head that Doesn't Bang!


Anonymous said...

Hi J, just back from da Vibe....all in all a great tribute to a great man. Glyder from Ireland started off in style..Fightin my way Back, Hollywood,Pressure Will Blow & Got to Give It Up, brilliant!!!!

Eric Bell...mostly excellent...lost his way a bit...tooooo much of da blues!

Southbound Band.....wonderful tribute band.....Robbo came on and jammed with 'em, then lost the plot n did a cover (on his own) of Beautiful (Blunt not Marillion!) to a chorous of boo's n chants of lizzy,lizzy!!!! Robbo.....give it up mate, awful.....roll on Sykes & Gorham.....as close to the real thing as we'll ever get.....RIP Philo, you were and are THE GREATEST!!!!!

Jonny said...

Hey, sounds like a good night! Just heard rumours of a film tribute to Phil to be shot with the black guy from CSI as the lead (he has the dreads and the look!)

Anonymous said...

You musta been livin' on the moon J! but then you wouldn't be a regular on Lizzy related sites, u being more into NuMetal crap n all that shite your daughter listens to :) that story has been doin the rounds for bout 3 years now...does however look like they are finally gonna get it done.......can't see anyone ever makin' a film bout any of the lead singers from todays bands 20yrs after they die....but then i wont be around to c 'em lol

Jonny said...

A film about Justin Hawkins would be a laugh though!