Pick Your Rock and Metal

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Don't forget...

Don't forget Deft Leppard at The Empire on Saturday night and The Darkness on Sunday night, and Coheed and Cambria on Monday night! How much rock can Belfast take?

Oh, and a special request to mention that Thin Lizzy are playing in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin on Wednesday April 12th.


David Todd said...

I'm getting a sore throat and ringing in my ears already :-)

Jonny said...

Join the metal revolution \ii/ bleeding ears are part of the joy :)

Anonymous said...

When going out with my Mrs (long long ago when I was but a nipper) listening to a local heavy rock band , she fell asleep.What's the cure for that? :-)

Jonny said...

Three options mate:
Don't take her;
Take her and bring her down the front to the mosh pit;
Allow her to crowd surf, where she can fall asleep in comfort while appearing to be an active participant.

But if true metal doesn't run through her veins, if the soul of a warrior isn't trapped in her heart yearning to escape; if she doesn't seek to brandish the sword of rock among the unbelievers...well you get the picture. The alternative is you go yourself and she can enjoy the vicarious pleasure as you recount the tales of drinks that have been quaffed, bouncers that have been hit and the many, many times you fought your way on to the stage to share the spotlights with the metal titans :) Then she can really fall asleep!

Hope she and you are both doing fine