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Friday, July 15, 2005

Keep Believing in The Answer

For some time Downpatrick power rock outfit The Answer have been plugging away, getting a reputation for pounding out music that the fashionistas who dress in sharp suits and pose as rock stars would love to be able to produce. I first came upon these unlikely looking stars at the 2004 ViTal, and stumbled twice upon them since.

This week coming The Answer release their first EP, after signing to Albert Records, home of AC/DC. The five track EP is called Keep Believing and, by all accounts is getting rave reviews. Mmmm, might pop down to my local record emporium to support these future local heroes.

Oh, and while I'm at it will check out to see if the Red Organ Serpent Sound single Orgasmus has been released. This crowd of ne'er do wells from Derry have also snared a major record deal. Dispensing with The Answer's jeans and grandad shirt image ROSS instead dress as mad as they sound. Two local acts with major deals? Quick! Make a Wish!


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