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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cash-strapped Ash shocker

Reports emerge from our Rome correspondent (well he was there for the weekend!) of ASH suffering cash difficulties. As the image here shows, lead singer, guitarist and wielder of burning Flying-Vs Tim Wheeler was caught on camera at the Vatican post office in Rome, sending a post card. Yep, a postcard! Has Tim not paid his mobile phone bill? Had he not enough Euros to go into a 'net café? Have this year's royalties not arrived at Chateau Downpatrick? Reports that an ASH Benevolent Fund has been set up by fans of the Downpatrick punk metallists are as yet unconfirmed....

Actually (and there's always an actually in this sort of post to avoid litigation...) our man in Rome (Niall) met Tim at the post office, where he was doing all the touristy things.

Ash were supporting U2 at their Rome show, where Niall reports most of the crowd were indifferent. This was probably because of their misunderstanding of the lyrics of Girl from Mars, but you would have thought they would have gotten the Starcrossed bit, with all that Romeo and Juliet nonsense!

Oh, and Feeder got a terrible reception apparently.

And Tim, we here at Belfast Metal Reunited still haven't received the postcard. You never write, never call...etc, etc.

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