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Monday, July 11, 2005

11th Night Music

It is the 11th of July in Belfast; a time when bonfires are lit and to paraphrase the news media "community tensions are high". Now, we in the metal community care not a bit your religious, political or sexual preferences, but the distant echoes from a bonfire site drifted to this blogger's ears...

In years gone by flutes and drums could be heard (not much better I grant you), but tonight there was the sound, muted by distance thankfully, of dance music being played at a bonfire.

I don't care what your affiliation is, but playing dance music in public should be declared a crime! No wonder the spides, chavs and idiots on both sides riot if they listen to that shite!

Give 'em some metal, throw them in the middle of a Slayer mosh pit and they wouldn't have the energy to riot. (And it might cure them after listening to that awful fucking dance shite!!)

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