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Monday, February 09, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Potty mouth punk thrash from Gehannah on Metal Police

BACK in the distant past - well the 80s anyway - a movement grow up around the US, a movement called thrash metal. It took punk, metal, the UK's NWOBHM and classical music into a melting pot.

When it spread like a virus throughout Europe, inspiring a horde to adopt and adapt the form to new forms and an evolutionary process saw many bands take a variety of paths along that evolutionary trail.

In 1992, when the Scandinavian scene was dominated by death and black metal Swedish thrashers, Gehannah  stuck a single finger up to the genre police and began a career of chaos around Europe.

Aftsr ploughing through the years on the circuit Gehennah - not to be confused with Gehanna - the band had a period on hiatus. But now in 2015 they're working on a new album. Until then we have an extended ep release in the shape of 'Metal Police' a release that sees four new songs, six re-recorded tracks, and two more songs from the Metal Police session.

There is an inherent silliness around this band: they are stuck in a rut of pure stupidity with songs like 'Fuck 'em All' and '666 Drunks and Rock 'n' Roll'.

But when they hit stride the unit from Forshaga and Karlstad in Sweden can unleash songs that suck you into a sensation where belief is suspended and arms are thrust into the air, with pints being drunk and a party goers run riot.

'Bitch with a Bulletbelt' and 'Carve off your Face (And Shove it Up Your Ass)' are pure silly thrash enjoyable tracks.

As the band prepare to release their fourth studio album the collective of Mr Violence (vocals), Ron  Stringburner (guitar), Hellcoop (drums) and Charley Knucklebuster (bass) sounding healthy and defiant.

If you can look past song themes as espoused on closer 'Piss Off, I'm Drinking' and soak up the attitude of your favourite then this is for you.

Review by Jonny

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