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Thursday, November 13, 2014

LIVE REVIEW: 40 and going strong Y&T keep on rockin' hard

THEY say that longevity is the key to success, but in the cold, hard world of the music business too often the business men and bean counters want to see instant results.

But, despite once being the 80s flavour of the day for the MTV generation Y&T have proved that hard rock can have endurance, and with that endurance comes success, as they celebrate, on the road, 40 years of the band's catchy rock and hard riffing, on Wednesday in Belfast date (November 12th)

Before the cake could be cut - yes there was a cake from local fans who had travelled to many of the UK shows - hot prospects Maverick showed that the spirit of 1980s rock and metal is still alive and kicking.
With just over two weeks until they release their début album, 'Quid Pro Quo', the Maverick men played their biggest venue to date and played with a gusto many a band envies.

Given that lead singer David Balfour has often attested the band's love of Y&T's output it would have been easy for them to be over-whelmed by the occasion, but despite the nerves they ripped into the set like over-sized aand over-excited puppies giving and getting love from the quickly filling Limelight1.

Playing a selection of older songs and a smattering from the forthcoming album it is clear that two plus years of gigging has earned them a loyal local fanbase who know most of the lyrics.

'Snakeskin Sinner's' strut kicked off the set from a band that are not only well rehearsed, but clearly enjoying the time on stage. 'Paint By Numbers' is the band's lead video off the album, and was greeted with passion, as was the catchy 'Got It Bad'. Rounding the set off with the older track 'Top Heavy' this was a performance that earned Maverick many new friends and fans.

Limelight1 was almost sold-out and there was a roar of approval from the audience as the ageing rockers in Y&T came on stage to show that hard rock isn't just a young man's game.

Let's face it the Oakland rockers have nothing to prove any more. Yet, 40 years since they first took to the road Dave Meniketti and co are still out there playing with real vigour; energetic, tight and passionate.

In a set that spanned the years there were rarely aired tracks, fan favourites and hits. By the time they reached the fifth song - the anthemic 'Mean Streak' - there was no doubt that the seasoned rockers had energy to spare.

Meniketti's voice and playing have not deteriorated at all, rather have matured and is used wisely. His playing has a silky smooth pace and power; his solos delivered with a loose precision.

'LA Rocks' and 'Dirty Girl' were the early stand-outs, but by the time 'Midnight in Tokyo' and 'Cold Day In Hell' bridged the opening half of the main set it was recognisable song after recognisable song.

John Nyman's playing perfectly synched with Meniketti and Brad Lang's bass, while Mike Vanderhule couldn't stop grinning behind his kit.

Singalongs were the order of the day from many gathered, as 'Rescue Me', 'Summertime Girls' and a monstrous rendition of 'I Believe In You' ended the main set.

Despite the vast quantities of beer imbibed by many in the audience [Editor's Note: Reviewer was among those contributing to the venue's profits] the crowd were gagging for more when the encore ripped through the place.

Closing with 'Forever' the force that is Y&T is clearly demonstrated. The fact that this is from 1982 and Meniketti doesn't fit into the spandex he wore when débuting the song at Reading in that year (you can find it on Youtudew) matters not a bit.

Four decades have worn well for the band. They are an invigorating band to watch. A well delivered and a well received show that showcased the new and the old.

Review by Jonny
Pictures by MetalPlanet Belfast
Reproduction by written consent only


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