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Monday, May 19, 2014

When a review is not a review...Dare, Crash and Worldsend

Written by Jonny

ONE of the first things I learned as a trainee journalist many moons ago was that as soon as you use the first person you make yourself the centre of the story/feature/review and that can only be the case if you are a columnist or top notch journo á la John Simpson.

That may be out of fashion now, but as you know all the reviewers on this site don't write in the first person, except when I'm having a rant...

However, on this occasion I'm writing my comments on the Dare, Crash and Worldsend gig (Friday 16th May) because I was the centre of the story....making a complete prat of myself and consuming way too much alcohol...the centre of attention was not what I wanted to be...

But, more of that later...suffice to say this isn't the usual detailed commentary and application of the art of reviewing...I hadn't even intended on reviewing this gig for reasons that will become clear...

First up on the bill were the wonderful Worldsend, who despite the paucity of the initial crowd, by the midway point of the set more and more were being tempted in to see the poignant dark tales from the dark side of classic rock.

Lost souls were receiving the musical letters willingly in this fine display of musicianship and sheer talent.

Crash were a bit of a surprise for all concerned, with few in the audience having either heard of them, or heard any of their tracks. However, they quickly won over the room. This female-fronted four-piece delivered on every level, classic hard rock with a few nice twists...
Crash at Limelight1 for their Belfast début
Photo courtesy of Metalplanet

As said previously I had not intended to review this gig, as this was the weekend I marked my 47th year on this planet...I was there to toast to my beleaguered body.

Hence I was there to cheer along Darren Wharton's Dare and have a few beverages...

As it turned out it was way too many beverages, something I sort of regret, as recall of the full Dare set would be almost impossible.

But that is to miss the point. Dare were simply fantastic. Wharton is a passionate frontman for this band, one he appears to delight in fronting and occasionally returning to his keyboards.

Of course, many have followed Wharton's career because of his time in Thin Lizzy, but this is not a retro-pension tour: it is instead a band that appear to enjoy doing their job in rockin' like their lives depended on it.
The tremendous Darren
Wharton on stage in Belfast
Photo courtesy of

Despite lacking a bassist at the moment, until Nigel Clutterbuck played on the latter part of the set, this was a hugely impressive set, with highlights including 'Beneath The Shining Water', 'Silent Thunder', and 'I Will Return'.

What was clear, even in my befuddled state was that Wharton and his cohorts are adored by the Belfast audience. Having been the first time I had seen Dare in a couple of decades I was asked to review the gig on Friday night. Had I been in a more sober state I would not have agreed to it....

Unfortunately, as stated previously I was considerably plastered by the close of the show, and post gig beverages (as if I hadn't consumed enough as it was) contributed to the increasing mess I was in.

Therefore I have apologies to tender...first and foremost to the bands. If I am there to review a show I enjoy a few pints but no more. I was unprofessional, and hence this is not a standard regular readers know is delivered on this site.

Next to my friends and acquaintances - I was in an appalling state and an embarassment. Apologies to the kindly lensman and the Dark Queen for delivering me to my place of abode - you know who you are and I am indebted to you.

Also, the door staff at the Limelight for the tolerance and patience (that hasn't stopped them slagging me off mercilessly!).

And finally - to you the readers. You are the people I write for (as do all the other contributors) and I failed on this occasion. I have delivered a written warning to myself as site owner/editor/writer and I have no argument about the written warning....

Having slapped myself soundly I have now entered my 47th year on this rock and pledge to y'all that the site will return to normal service....

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