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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Rockin’ out in aid of cancer with Dancing In The Moonlight

NORTHERN Ireland's rock and metal community has a proud history of raising money for charitable causes, and the latest effort will see at least a dozen of the country's top bands coming together to raise money for Cancer Research.

'Dancing In The Moonlight' is planned as a compilation album featuring bands that are making a real noise on the international scene as well as winning more and more local fans.

Among the bands lining up to take part are Stormzone, No Hot Ashes and Trucker Diablo. These are bands that are on radio playlists from Australia to America. And, more and more bands are lining up to take part.

'Dancing In The Moonlight' is the brainchild of our colleague in rock and metal journalism, Mark Ashby of Paradise City fame and correspondent for PlanetMosh and UberRock. Mark was inspired to bring the bands together for such a mammoth fundraising project - which he describes as "possibly the most ambitious project of its kind in the history of the Northern Ireland rock and metal scene" - after his partner was diagnosed with cancer for fourth time.

Mark told Belfastmetalheadsreunited: "Last September my partner, Carolyn, was told that the cancer she has fought on several occasions in the past had returned: fortunately, the diagnosis was made early and Carolyn underwent eight weeks of radiotherapy at the Royal Victoria Hospital to beat this horrible disease.

"Early in her treatment, we were both struck by one thing: the support and solidarity shown by our countless friends in the rock and metal community, not only here in Belfast but across Northern Ireland and further afield.

"Even at that early stage I made myself a promise - to do something to celebrate not only Carolyn's triumph over the disease, but that of every survivor - and at the same time celebrate the spirit and strength of our own beloved rock and metal community.

"Discussions were held with many friends...until someone asked - 'why don't you ask loads of bands to put songs on a compilation CD, which we could sell and raise money for Cancer Research?'.

"In the weeks since the idea was mooted, both Carolyn and I have talked to many bands, and many people within the scene and the strength and support, which I referred to earlier, has continued, as everyone we have talked to has expressed their willingness to be involved in some shape or form.

"So far we have almost a dozen bands involved. Some of them are contributing songs from their back catalogue, some have offered to record new songs exclusively for this album. We can promise there will be quite a few surprises thrown in!

"It is a project that is very precious to us...because of the inspiration behind it, and we hope that it will become just as precious to the local rock and metal community, as it will be an album that showcases the breadth and depth of the NI scene, and hopefully will have something to appeal to everyone who loves the local scene."

More details of 'Dancing In The Moonlight' will be available when we have it, and you can also keep up to date on the dedicated Facebook page.

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