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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lamb of God documentary set for Belfast screening at QFT

LAMB of God's documentary, As The Palaces Burn, is to be screened at Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast as part of a nationwide screening in 70 theatres in UK and Ireland.

As The Palaces Burn was conceived to be a documentary focused on the power of music and its impact on cultures around the world and its ability to bring people together of all nationalities regardless of religious and political differences.

But as filming was about to be completed Randy Blythe was arrested in the Czech Republic and charged with the murder of a fan, which he was later acquitted of. With exclusive access, the filmmakers got to see inside the singer's 38-day imprisonment, his release and the band's return to the stage.

Watch the trailer and get tickets visit http://asthepalacesburn.com.

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