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Monday, December 02, 2013

Limelight properly fucked up by triple terror of Zombified, Ceseless Blight and Fuckhammer

LET'S face it, when the headline act is forced to cancel because of their van breaking down in the nether regions of nowhere, and one act down a member then Saturday's Distortion Project had all the recipes for a disaster.

Instead there was a glorious triple header trip into the dark regions of the psyche on Saturday (November 30th) evening at Limelight2.

Zombified, Ceasless Blight and Fuckhammer played like harbingers of coming Armageddon, horsemen of the apocalypse and just downright noisy bastards.

Fuckhammer took to the stage without their bassist, but still managed to deliver a relentless pounding with tracks from their Hammered to Fuck release standing out, especially Abortion Addict.

However, it would be remiss of us not to mention their hyper speed version of Sabbath's Symptom of the Universe. Stripped of acoustic sections and with a faithful rendition of Bill Ward's drum madness it was just a great take on this classic.

The black metal persistence of Ceaseless Blight then came forward, silhouetted on stage almost throughout their set; this was a full-on onslaught of riffing, with a particular emphasis on bass lines in the mix. However, the drums were off, with the snare beats completely missing at times. Fix that flaw, and add a bit more variety to the twin guitars and this could have been a great set rather than just a good one.

As to Zombified...Who doesn't like a wee bit of extreme metal now and then to help cope with a world gone mad; death metal extravagance to push away the worries and strains; total noise attack and full on assault always help...

By far this was the best Zombified set we have witnessed recently - killer from all parts, delivered with panache and power.

It's hard to pick up a stand-out track when so much was total grace in growls, gorefest guitars, bastard battering bass and drums beating out primal pounding. The Forgotten Art of Strangulation and Human Cull were awesome, however, along with Grind and Immolation.

So, no headliner, Fuckhammer a man down...did this deter any of the bands? No. Was it, nevertheless a great Distortion Project show? Yes, of course it was.

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