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Monday, December 16, 2013

Laying it down the old school way - hard and heavy

WHEN it comes to metal there are sometimes when you've just got to ditch the over-thinking and just get on with it; just plug in and play from the heart - and that is exactly what Terminus and Ravensire have done on a split 7" release that has its heart and soul in 'traditional' metal.

Of course, there are those who take that tag as suggesting that it is just something that bands do when they are out of ideas - not here. Both bands are brimming with ideas in these two tracks

Both bands take the template and roll it out into a series of dynamics that stretch from the pre-NWOBHM days through to the likes of Saxon and even Mercyful Fate.

Ravensire's Drawing the Sword is a tidy, pacy track, designed with one thing in mind, playing heavy and playing it well, with some nice twists. It makes a perfect complement for the work of Terminus.

Centaurean from the Terminus lads has a romp that powers the track, and a ridiculously catchy chorus. Clocking in at just over seven minutes it flies by as you listen, with nice dynamic changes in both pace and guitar work. This spaced out metal, with a lyrical nod to Blue Oyster Cult and a rhythm that calls to mind the likes of early White Spirit, Maiden with a dash of Tank and a smidgeon of Exciter. It all makes for a heady mix of excellence.

Both bands should stand proud of this release, but more importantly this split 7" serves as a perfect taster for hearing more tracks and should encourage more impetus for full length releases.

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