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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dead Daisies - a supergroup for those needing an extra fix of classic rock

THE term supergroup is one which can carry a lot baggage - but with Dead Daisies an unlikely combination of ex-members of INXS, current members of Guns 'n' Roses and session men playing with the likes of The Rolling Stones there may be a magic formula at work.

And for those planning to check out Black Star Riders when they play in Belfast's Limelight1 on December 15th all present are in for a special treat when the Dead Daisies hit the stage.

Featuring an array of musical delights their current album has all the great tunes you'd expect from a group of artists who have had their souls firmly locked into the great AOR tunes of the 70s and 80s, but with their hearts and heads bringing the sound bang up to date.

Formed around front man John Stevens (ex-INXS) and David Lowry a rolling line-up of luminaries such as previous members Marco Medoza they have settled on a line-up that sees them surging into the higher echelons of music performance with their self-titled album.

Slash lends some soulful work on lead single, Lock and Load, but having such a guest on that great track should not detract from the rest of the album.

Self-confessed fans of Bad Company and Foreigner, their twist on the classic sound is nothing new; but when treading this road, the only way to make your songs stand out is to don a new pair of cowboy boots and walk with purpose and intent down that road.

From the deep soulful songs like Yesterday, and the excellent opening track, It's Gonna Take Time this is a release that oozes rock and blues. That's not to say they don't know how to rock out - Bible Row being the perfect example of a song that Van Halen or even Queen would have been delighted to have in their repertoire because of its musical pace and nice set of lyrics. The chorus is a killer hook that has you humming along to it from the first listen.

Yes, there is nothing earth-shattering when you hear another act playing 70s and 80s rock, but who cares when it is this good!

The momentary panic of seeing a track with the title Can't Fight This Feeling and expecting an REO Speedwagon cover sneaks off as you sit back and listen to this ode to love.

Dead Daisies pedigree is clear, with Stevens at the helm and David Lowry anchoring down while Richard Fortus (Guns 'n' Roses) flows free; the whole thing hangs around a rhythm section of Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones touring bassist) and Charley Drayton in drums (ex-Cold Chisel and The Cult).

Having Dizzy Reed (G 'n' R keyboardist) adds flourishes that are subtle but important to add to the rich sound.

With the prospect of Dead Daisies supporting Black Star Riders this release is an excellent introduction to the band; an excellent set of tunes; and a set of songs that can transport you away from the dreary autumn nights to the Californian sun.

Dead Daisies album will be release shortly and make sure you're down early to the Limelight1 on December 15th.

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