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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Jazz metal - who would have thunk it!

WE'RE always open to new ideas here - well if it's rock, metal or punk, we'll give it a blast. But Jazz Metal?

Our chums at Indie Recordings have re-signed Norwegian act Shining, who have been given the tag of being jazz metal.

As regular readers know we're not into sub-genre definitions, but we had to check this out and it turns out theyre rather good!

With new album 'One One One' the band have just released a rather tasty wee video ahead of the release in June.

The video features the song I Won't Forget'.

“We are extremely happy and excited to finally be able to show you our new video!"said Shining’s front man, Jørgen Munkeby.

The song “I Won’t Forget” is my absolute favorite of all the tracks we’ve ever made, and to be able to top this track off with such a beautiful, crisp and clean science fiction video is a dream come true”,

Director Kyrre Larsen, from the Blæst production company, comments: “Since I first heard Blackjazz, I've somehow associated the sound of Shining's music with science-­fiction. I tried to create a sense of this in the video for "Fisheye” in 2012. "I Won't Forget" builds on that video, but I wanted to take things one step further -­ and also avoid the style of imagery usually associated with heavier music.

We're sold! Turns out we like Jazz Metal!

Here's the video:

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