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Monday, May 20, 2013

Big truck rumbles on with songs from Songs of Iron album launch

NORTHERN Ireland has a proud history in terms of rock music: from the 60s years of Them and Van Morrison, through to the punk revolution of the 70s, the NWOBHM success of Sweet Savage, and more triumphs of Therapy?, Ash, and The Answer .

The current crop is not shabby either, with Stormzone, Million$Reload amongst the vanguard.
But for all the growing national and international success of our rock bands, there still is a moment when home grown talent brings their newly released work back to their spiritual roots.
Whether that band achieves acclaim beyond Northern Ireland’s shores or not, that is the moment when local fans know there is no justice, there’s just us...
Such was the case on Saturday night (May 18th) when the Big Truck that is Trucker Diablo came back to the Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill to launch their new album, Songs of Iron.

And, what a way to do it!

With a half hour acoustic set and then playing Sons of Iron to an eager audience.
During their acoustic set Trucker even unveiled two excellent songs that didn’t make it on to Songs of Iron – which is testament in itself to the strength of the new album’s 15 tracks.
After a brief respite for the band to set up and the crowd to enjoy refreshments Trucker unleashed the Iron – from surefire hits like Drive and The Rebel, through to the US FM friendly Highway Radio there was no foot put wrong, and the fist-pumping Year of the Truck is a stomping rallying cry to fans new and old.
Trucker are as at home on the huge festival stages, and equally the friendly intimacy of the Diamond lends itself to the party atmosphere generated by straightforward, honest, hard rock mayhem.
All four men, Tom, Simon, Glenn and Terry are accomplished musicians in their own right, but equally as a unit they gel on stage and keep it heads down rock and roll.
While fans already know Trucker have bucketloads of talent, that 2013 will bring new fans from festival stages and wider tours.
This is the Year of the Truck, when the Big Truck will rumble through the gears with Songs of Iron pounding out to win over those who have not yet received the blessings that the Year of the Truck offers...

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