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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

You will comply or get a bunch of sixes

COMPLY or Die are a band that has honing their sound of late, getting that crucial mixture of hardcore, punk and metal just right.

And with the release of double single Sixes and Three Suns the mixing bowl has churned out two might tracks.

Like Cancer Bats on speed, attitude flailing with angry purpose, both tracks deliver a firm smack in the face.

Sixes persistent riffery and and tortured delivery hides a subtlety in the arrangement, as it plunges towards a breathless climax.

The same formula batters you senseless on Three Suns, with an anguished cry of 'where can I go' punctuated with straightforwaard, no nonsense pummelling, before a breakdown gives listener and band a brief bass led breather as a tortured all too brief solo leads its way to a solid wall of riffs.

All at Sixes? We think not for Comply or Die! Shining bright in the light of those Three Suns

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