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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coma time again

BACK in April of this year an alcohol-induced coma was complemented by an awesome display of how to rock the shit right out of Ormeau Avenue - yep Orange Goblin and alcohol messed us big time and we enjoyed the hell out of it.

While our collective livers may tremble at this post, the rest of our functioning body parts are screaming hell yeah - Orange Goblin are coming back to Belfast!

Screw you if you haven't fallen for the satanic groove of Orange Goblin - they're the boogie with a kick in the balls, they're the subtle wrecking crew that leaves you wrecked and screaming for more; and on 27th January waste shall be laid, riffs shall be riffed and necks will ache.

The Goblin deserve to be screwing with the heads of the totalitarian state we live in, but until then there's no justice, there's just us...ready to sing along to A Eulogy for the Damned (they're most recent release).

Orange Goblin shows are always a party with purpose; a gig that gives more; and a majestic mess (hey Paddy, did we really get that messed up last time....).

Ink the date in yer metal calendar - 27th January, 2013, Limelight2: 16 notes well spent to join the company of Orange Goblin; liver transplants you pay for yourself.

[Seriously - Orange Goblin actually write pretty challenging songs, with lyrics that has our editors musing about the meaning of life....and that's when they're all not shit-faced and stoned]

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