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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mmmm - I'm usually dead on Friday said Beardy guy on Cross

Well, the kind and wonderful folks on rockradioni added me to their list of getting stuff to review - no beer reviews offered as yet, but music aplenty. Thanks to Seatzie for the suggestion of adding me to the list.

So far I'm working the way through (no outside Northern Ireland bands getting a listen at this stage).

First review is Dead Til Friday's free ep, Water. Nice wee sound there - sort of Rage Against the Machine meets 36 Crazyfists in a dark alley. Hardcore, metal, early Funeral for a Friend and Lost Prophets all melding well.

Kicking off with 'The Longest Year' the early promise is slightly dented with some vocals a wee bit too American sounding (Zack De La Rocha influence). But the melodies, riffing and growly bits overcome this - but next time out it might be worth remembering that you're from Northern Ireland!

Quick Fix Casualty, while sound enough, is the weakest of the four on offer. In contrast Water and Sinner and Dogs seem to have more cohesion.

Honestly have never heard of the band before this, and usually don't review stuff on myspace sites, but as they posted on Soundcloud and seem to have a willingness to genuinely share rather than vanity posts, kudos to Dead Til Friday - keep the monster riffing, build on those melodies, drop the faux Yank accent and add a wee solo or two extra.

Now sending it in advance of Easter week...some people of Christian persuasion may be offended by the title, but as the Beardy guy nailed to the cross might have said: "love thy noisy neighbour!"

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