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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Morbid tales and tunes

LET'S face it, a lot of rock and metal tunes are pretty morbid: if you took the cathartic elements away from listening to such dire, morbid lyrics it could really send you on downer. But, on the other hand a lot of tunes are life affirming.

This tangled talk in my own head (well who else is going to listen to my tortured analysis of 'eavy fugging metal') led me to contemplation about what tunes should be played at a rocker/metalhead funeral.

I've always had a few in mind: Black Sabbath's Never Say Die to mess with expectations; BLS's The Damage is Done to have people reflect (I don't expect any mourners, just people turning up in case there's beer at hand); and maybe Metallica's Fade to Black too.

It may be a weird topic for a beered up Saturday night, but does anyone out there have another suggestions? Highway to Hell will not be on the list...too predictable, and Stairway to Heaven is also off the list, as I don;t believe in Heaven or Hell they're out, although Sabs Heaven & Hell is a contender!

So in brief: suggestions for tracks for my funeral, and what would you like to have played as your coffin is lowered?

Happy thoughts everyone!


Omega-Ridley said...

Well I think Apocalyptica can't go amiss, Farewell is a prime candidate for a good send off, IMO.
Other songs like Perennial Quest by Death, would be my message of continuous striving for achievement, which as it stands, is an accolade worn proudly by metal. Fade to Black and For Whom the Bell tolls would be very fitting. At the same time I think it would reflect the said dead person as to what they have playing. As for myself - probably scare a few people with the opening track, "Catharsis for The Buried" by JFAC.

Anonymous said...

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