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Friday, June 05, 2009

When potential is realised - Interrogate deliver on early promise

Interrogate have been a band knocking around the local scene for a few years, promising much and oozing with potential.

With the release of new CD 'Scarred for Life' potential has transformed into the proverbial real metal deal.

The raw fury of debut EP Unbroken has been honed into a subtle rage. The fury has not gone - merely sharpened, focussed on a blend of targetted hostility.

From the opening words of 'Tear This Place Down' on Victim to the final incantation on This Bruise Interrogate have hit on a potent mix that absorbs infleunces and turns them into a metal maelstrom.

Andy's vocals explore a hitheto undiscovered range, mixing the harder edge with a clean, emotional, and at times melodic delivery. This range is on show in particular on Losing it All, already a firm live favourite.

On Choda in particular Mark's guitar moves from the riffage live followers know so well to produce more studied lead playing.

Throughout the rhythm section of Darren and Stephen nail the songs' intent down, also both lending backing to Andy's vocals.

Interrogate have perservered and been through more trials than many could have coped with. Those stories are too personal for a blog or a review. That they have endured and emerged.

The sheer depth of album closers Sorrow Remains and This Bruise more than anything demonstrate that this is more than a debut album; this is a statement.

Producer Neal Calderwood has helped Interrogate develop, but this is a band ready to take on much more than before. This is a band standing ready. This is another testament to the sheer talent on the Northern Ireland scene.

But most of all this is an album that sits comfortably alongside any so-called major label release in your CD collection.

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