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Friday, June 26, 2009

Guitar Hero faces JP's wrath

Guitar Hero is a gaming phenomenon...and it has seen hard rock and metal acts given more exposure, as well as earning a few extra shillings for the acts. But now Jimmy Page (along with Jack White) have slagged it off (see story here).

They make some good points, but ultimately what harm is there in it...as they point out it could spoil some learning in terms of finger shapes and rhythms, but the benefits in terms of digit dexterity could outweigh that...your views?


Anonymous said...

My 2 Kids Mp3 players are full of the classic tunes taken from Guitar Hero and RockBand and because of other games too like the GTA series
I think its great music can be accessed by certain people that would not normally hear these bands ,long may it continue

\m/ Redskull \m/

Jonny said...

I agree - access to decent rock music is difficult unless parents are prepared to share the faith. Both my kids were indoctrinated...sorry exposed to rock, punk and metal from early on. Neighbours kids didn't get the idea until Rock Band and Guitar Hero led them down the path to the dark side...and as they say come to the dark side; we have cookies!

Wrathy said...

Jack White is a huge hypocrite, seeing as his projects are all over Guitar Hero.

Page? Well, he's always been a bit of a dick about Led Zeppelin master tracks. Too protective, at the end of the day.