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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Has Zach sold out?

Recently announced are two relatively close at hand Rage Against the Machine dates. They are at the Oxegen Festival in Punchestown and Scotland's 'T' on the Park.

RATM used to be radical tipping towards revolutionary in terms of lyrics and music; they only seemed to play festivals with some degree of credibilty. Oxegen and 'T' are festivals that will be populated by 'inde' and pop stuff, where tickets are bought by people wanting to attend an event rather than listening to good music.

So has Zach de La Rocha's agent sold the band out or is the once rebellious one looking to cash in for a pension plan.

The irony of Zach bellowing out '"Fuck You I won't Do What You Want" to be answered by people who will slide back to Radio One listening and guffawing to Chris Moyles inane humour will be lost on those whose only ambition is to get into a Sunday Life pic shot to prove they roughed it at a festival...

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