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Monday, February 18, 2008

Double 'D' rockin' weekend!

Two contrasting gigs hit Belfast this weekend past, with differing types of appeal, but both showing that live music is best!

On Saturday night a packed Empire warmed up for June's classic rock Odyssey mayhemof Def Leppard and Whitesnake, when Leppard-tribute act, Deft Leppard hit the Music Hall stage. The usual plethora of well-honed greatest hits were paraded, and it has now got to the point that Deft are carving their own stamp on the classics. Remember in the early and mid eighties the Lepps were considered at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. At times the energy from the stage brought back those heady days when the hair-splitting of rock and metal's sub-genres wasn't important. It was the music that was, and always should be!

And if there is a band that rips up the genre rule-book it's Dillinger Escape Plan. For a variety of reasons I couldn't make it, but from well-informed sources (that is people who where there at the Spring and Airbrake on Sunday night!)

They have been labelled as mathcore, hardcore, metalcore amongst other things, but the reality is they're just a damn fine playing outfit. Reports from the front are that tracks off their newly released Ire Works platter of noise slotted well into the set. Any further reviews welcome!

Now I'm off to plug into the 80s again in preparation for Wednesday's Michael Schenker and Friends gig (support from Glyder) and, though I won't be able to catch Tygers of Pan Tang on Friday nigth (with Inch High backing them up) I might slip the odd Tygers track on to the Decks of Doom...

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