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Friday, December 29, 2006

Don't like religious education?

Fed up with you (or for older readers your kids) doing RE at school? Guess what you/they don't need to. One letter (from parents) to the school and no more RE! It's in the Education Order 2003 (and if school says no refer them to the Children's Commissioner. Not sure if same arrangement is in England/Wales/Scotland etc, but if your heart is metal, whajadoin studying RE!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read the lyrics to 'For The Greater Good Of God' J......specially the last couple of lines of the song.........maybe i'm reading 'em wrong?


Jonny said...

lol - have also read lyrics of Number of the Beast, Sabbath's After Forever, maiden's hallowed be thy name (as sung by saddam), 'Tallica's Creeping Death etc...should be taught as ancient history or Eng Lit not as fact :) :) For Greater Good of God poses more questions than last couple of lines, which (and I may be wrong) seem to say that even if the beardy bloke (a.k.a. Jesus) was cricified as part of a Holy Trinity, he was not nailed, crowned by thorns and impaled by a Roman spear so warwongerers like Bush and his poodles and Iranian immans could claim the right to slaughter innocents. There, I shall now get off my soap box :) for a while anyway...