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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ooops - dissed Trivium unfairly

Seems that I may have dissed Trivium unfairly (see two previous posts). While I was peeved/annoyed/pissed off that Trivium weren't playing Belfast and were playing two dates in Dublin on the headlining Crusade tour (with Annihilator as support!) it wasn't the Floridian's fault!

Apparently they tried to book the Ulster Hall again, but as renovation work will be taking place over that period, they weren't able to. The source for this, Paolo - top guy, bassist and all-round good chappie; hell he even took the time to apologise to Belfast fans on the band's forum!

So, sorry guys for dissing you unfairly - but looking at the schedule...you could slot in a date in June for Rottfest....if it happens this year.

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